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Free Futures Trading Course

Back by popular demand is Joshua Martinez’s So You Want to Be a Futures Trader series. In this 11 part Futures trading tutorial series, Joshua Martinez goes over his Futures Foundations. These Futures Foundations videos will cover everything you need to know about trading futures, from choosing a futures trading broker to understanding futures margin and leverage.

Bring your trading to the next level by joining Joshua’s own personal trade room, The War Room. Now you can trade alongside Joshua, see his market analysis, and ask him trading related questions. For more information on his War Room, visit: https://tinyurl.com/y34awjmb


Understanding Trading Margin and Managing Losing Trades

If you want to be a futures trader, then you’ll need to know all about the growth formula, the risk...
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futures contract

Everything You Need To Know About Market Candlesticks

When you first start out on your trading journey, it can seem daunting. Trading, however, is more than just confusing...
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How to Choose the Right Futures Trading Broker

What Is a Futures Broker? A futures broker negotiates contracts for the selling of goods or securities at a defined...
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Getting Started With Futures Trading

Trading can be a very lucrative career. Every day, millions worth of liquidity moves to different traders and brokers. Futures...
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