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Joshua Martinez has been trading since 2009, primarily focused on the Forex market and started trading the Futures market in 2019. He’s known as a leading innovative trader in the industry due to his consistent returns using his cutting-edge strategies.

Josh has created several trading courses, systems, and futures trading resources to help others find profits in the markets. Having trained over 10,000 traders worldwide, Josh has developed a unique skill set for simplifying the markets and showing others it’s possible to achieve consistent profits.

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  • “Josh is a very experienced trader and teacher. His new product ”Tunnel Trading” is one of the best I have seen in my trading career”

    Angelo B.
  • “Soooo much fun in the Futures Edge this morning! And I went live in my real account yesterday and earned $23.75 on the MES with Destination Trader Auto! Boom!”

    Darcy M.
futures trading course education online

Weekly War Room

For the trader looking for personal guidance while trading within the live market, the War Room is Joshua Martinez’s exclusive members only trade room. Members can trade alongside Joshua, see his thought process while trading live, and ask him trading related questions.

futures trading course education online

Tunnel Trader

Tunnel Trading Course provides traders with market insight on overbought and oversold symbols within the Futures market. Tunnel Trading has been Joshua Martinez’s exclusive strategy, ever since he has made the switch to trading Futures.

futures trading course education online

Futures Edge

For the trader who wants even more personal guidance with Joshua Martinez. Futures Edge members trade alongside Joshua 3 days a week, see his thought process while trading live, and can ask him trading related questions.

futures trading course education online

Destination Trader

Set your entry and exits and let the strategy do the rest. Destination Trader is a one of a kind self-directed auto strategy for traders who may not have a lot of time to watch the screens, but have the patience to wait for incredible returns.

Free Courses

Not sure if Joshua Martinez is the right mentor for you? Joshua is giving you FREE access to some of his most popular education courses! We recommend watching and going through all of his courses, so you can see first hand how well of a mentor Joshua Martinez really is.

Trading View Tutorial

Are you new to using TradingView? Joshua Martinez has created a 10 part video course that will get you fully familiar with TradingView and covers everything from creating an account to drawing trendlines.

Trading Tips Series

Joshua Martinez upload multiple trading tip videos a week on the Traders Agency YouTube channel. These videos are a great supplement for Joshua’s education courses and strategies.

Want To Be A Futures Trader

This course is a great place to start for new traders. In this series, Joshua Martinez teaches you everything you need to know about trading the Futures market. He covers everything from choosing a broker to drawing Fibonacci retracements.


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