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Watch These Stocks Climb

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My stocks on this week’s watchlist continue to climb. And nothing makes me happier than having all three of my stocks surging higher for more profits for you as subscribers to my Stock Surge Daily.

My go-list is posted each and every Monday in my Stock Surge Daily. And you can get a further snapshot of each of the stocks on the watchlist by clicking right here for our Stock Surge Daily website.

In yesterday’s trading, all three of my stocks are up and this points in the right direction for each of these surge stocks.

Genco Shipping & Trading, ADTRAN & Athene Holding Total Return Action Source Bloomberg

Genco Shipping & Trading (GNK) led the pack with its big 1-day gain. But ADTRAN (ADTN) and Athene Holding (ATH) also were both in the green.

Genco Shipping & Trading

Genco Shipping & Trading is a dry bulk shipping company. And dry bulk ships carry all of the stuff that the world needs each and every day. Metals for construction and automobiles, grains for food and animal feed and plenty of other stuff keeps being strongly in demand – aiding the big turn in revenue for this shipping company.

Genco Shipping & Trading Source Bloomberg

The stock got my attention with its bigger surge in its price along with some of the spikes in volume for the stock trading.

And as just noted, sales are now turning swiftly around as the world’s economies unlock from the past virus mess and in turn the demand for dry bulk ships is now soaring.

And insiders are buying shares with their own money. Ownership has recently increased by 15.78% – confirming that the insiders know what’s going right for their company and in turn for the stock.

And big funds continue to load up on the stock with hedge funds particularly increasing their ownership in the stock. They’ve been buying recently amounting to a holding of 34.78% of all of the outstanding shares.

Genco Shipping & Trading remains on track as a surge stock to buy.


ADTRAN makes and provides equipment and services that make older telecom lines move more data hyper-quickly and more securely. Sure, everyone would love to have fiber optic cables – but the US still relies on old-time lines that have to work for companies far and wide around the nation. And ADTRAN makes this happen.

ADTRAN Source Bloomberg

The stock got my attention with the price breakout and higher spikes in volume for day to day trading.

And sales are up and continue to be up over the past three quarters – providing proof that the company is in the right market with the right stuff.

Then ADTRAN insiders have been consistently buying with some sell trades – but more and more buys as the stock has been climbing over the past year. And on a net basis – insiders are buying more and more adding to holdings recently by 4.63%.

ADTRAN Stock Insider Trades Source Bloomberg

And fund managers are also getting onboard with hedge funds owning a big chunk of the company and investment advisors adding nicely to their holdings of the stock.

ADTRAN remains a surge stock to buy right now.

Athene Holding

Athene Holding is a very interesting company. It appears to be an insurance company focused on retirement products including annuities. And indeed, it is. 

But its real value is that it keeps stepping into the market to buy annuity and retirement liabilities from other companies and funds that need to exit. And they buy them at bigger discounts – locking up nice profitable annuity streams of income for itself along the way.

Athene Holding Source Bloomberg

I got interested in Athene with its stock price gains and volume spikes. 

But what kept my interest as I dug into the company was its surge in assets by 44.66% alone in the most recent quarter. And for a financial like Athene – more assets mean more fee income.

And revenue is soaring for the company with this big asset growth that recently hit a growth rate in excess of 3174% over the trailing year.

Insiders own a chunk of the company – including Apollo Management that is a part of Apollo Global Management (APO). Apollo is a massive and massively successful private equity and hedge fund company. And they have three board members inside Athene.

I see a lot to like about this company and its owners – making for a nice surge stock for us.

And to get more on surging stocks on the Stock Surge Daily watchlist as well as other stocks that I’m following, click here.


  1. JAlonso
    June 11, 2021 @ 12:47 pm

    GNK is a beast, beats all of these meme stocks going around.


  2. Kristy Alice
    June 11, 2021 @ 12:50 pm

    What are these stocks being influenced by, profit, or insider buying? Just a bit confused


    • Traders Agency Analyst
      July 20, 2021 @ 10:54 pm

      Hi Kristy. Stocks that make Ross’s stock surge watchlist typically are rising in profits / sales / earnings. Often when the company’s insiders are buying the stock and that can lead to the insiders knowing something that the public has not been privileged to yet. It’s typically a good indication that something exciting is going on behind the scenes. I hope this explains the research a little more clearly for you. Thanks so much for leaving us a comment, we look forward to working with you!


  3. James Cors
    June 11, 2021 @ 12:56 pm

    ADTRAN pays an annual dividend of $0.36 per share, with a dividend yield of 1.78%. Seems like a good bet on broadband.


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