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This Setup Is as Good as Gold

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Hello, Daily Direction readers!

We’re back to watching gold futures (GC) as the market directions for both the long-term and short-term are now up!

Thanks to the shift, we’re actively looking for opportunities to buy the GC market. As long as the market stays in the buy zone, we’ll look for any opportunity to execute our buy-in strategy with the GC.

This market has the potential for a +200 tick movement before hitting our next price limit.

Now’s the time to jump in and trade the GC! Check out the timeframe analysis to get started:

Daily Timeframe Analysis

Based on our current charts, we can see that the GC has pushed through the down trendline and moved toward the buy zone.

Remember that we buy low in the buy zone and wait to sell once the market hits high prices. That’s the fundamental truth to making profitable trades in the futures market. To learn more, be sure to check out my free resources here!

This is a good time to find low prices for the GC and make an entry while we can. We’re looking at approximately+200 ticks before the market hits our price limit of 1820.


The long-term direction is up for the GC


The short-term direction for the GC is now up


We’re actively looking for opportunities to buy the GC

Learn more about the Daily Direction Indicators here…

Daily timeframe
We’re actively searching for opportunities to buy the GC

We’ll want to keep an eye on the GC with the current market conditions. While we definitely want opportunities to buy the market, we also have to watch out for potential shifts that could knock us back out.

The Bottom Line

We’ll trade the GC as long as it stays in the buy zone. We’ll watch our one-hour timeframe charts and look for any chances to buy the market at low prices in the buy zone.

Once the market hits our limit, we’ll back off and wait for a new bullish trend to develop. So long as we stick to the basics of our strategy, we have better chances of making profitable trades with this setup.

And if you follow along as I trade, you’ll quickly see how my strategy can help you work toward being a better trader!

The Bottom Line
The GC is up and open for trading right now

You’d be absolutely lost if you didn’t have my technique to guide you through the current movements of the GC futures market. That’s why it’s time to start utilizing my knowledge and expertise! You can’t afford to miss out on this.

Keep On Trading,

Mindset Advantage: Breathe

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It brings clarity and focus when used properly.

Bad pressure causes you to freeze. To panic. Everything speeds up or slows down. Bad decisions get made.

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Embrace pressure… the good pressure.Traders Training Session

Recognizing Market Patterns
Recognizing Market Patterns

Stay tuned for my next edition of Josh’s Daily Direction.

And if you know someone who’d love to make this a part of their morning routine, send them over to https://joshsdailydirection.com/ to get signed up!

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