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How We’re Trading the Channel in RTY

Trading doesn’t mean committing to buying and holding through the market’s longer-term ups or downs. 

Instead, if we find a channel – either a bull or bear one – we can trade inside that channel on a short-term basis both on the up and down sides.

Right now, we see a channel set up for the Russell 2000 Index and its futures contract (RTY).

Here’s how the channel could be setting up for short-term bull and bear trades… 

 Trading Ups and Downs Inside the RTY Channel

Here’s the chart for RTY and how I see trades shaping up inside a downward channel providing near-term buys and sells over the coming days and weeks…

Russell 2000 Futures Contract (RTY) Price and Technical Analysis – Source: TradingView

The RTY daily time frame is in a down channel.

The market hit the bottom of the channel and is now pushing bullish towards the top of the channel price point 1,904.20, about +1,315 ticks above the market. 

It will be a good idea to turn to the one hour time frame and to look for low prices in the buy zone.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple ways to trade the stock market. We can trade the indexes, both up and down in channels, as well as individual stocks. 

Above, we outlined a channel trade. But I’m also looking at plenty of individual stocks. 

And I have a new way of picking out individual opportunities… Below, I go through one of our newer strategies, which seeks out “marked stocks.” 

These are particular opportunities that I discuss further in my latest on-demand session below…

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P.S. Stock markets may be unsettled, or even bearish. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities… All it takes is riding the coattails of a stock after it’s been “marked.”

To learn more about how to identify and trade these specific stock opportunities, click here.

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