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Smart Money Alerts

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Smart Money Alerts Reviews

Just Follow The Alerts, follow Josh’s instructions, Everything takes care of itself, With proper risk assesment it really is a great strategy.

John C.


What is Smart Money Alerts

Here at Traders Agency, we have an entire team that goes into the markets and uses the Smart Money Alerts methodology to find the very best opportunities available.
Remember… To find winning trades, you’ve got to find the lowest prices to buy and the highest prices to sell.
Well, that’s exactly what Smart Money Alerts can do for you.
At Smart Money Alerts, Josh Martinez teaches members how to use the Donchian Channel indicator and 21-day lows to determine whether a stock is in an uptrend or downtrend and where the optimal entry point may be.
Josh puts his five best ideas on the Watchlist every week along with their profit targets and key technical notes, and the best of the best make it to our Trade Tracker.
In addition, members also get a 10-part Video Tutorial series that covers everything from choosing a broker to order types to how to read an option chain.

With The Smart Money Alerts You'll Have Access To...

  • Your First "Smart Money Alert" $3,700
  • New "Profit Clusters" every two weeks $192,400
  • The Smart Money Spikes Crash Course $997
  • 1 On 1 Intro Call With Our VIP Success Rep $5,000
  • The $5k In 10 Days Live Trading Challenge $30,000