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Josh’s Top 5

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Josh’s Top 5 Reviews

“Josh’s top 5 is amazing!! The amount of new oppurtunities helps cut my research time in half and gives me the ability to concentrate on my trades.”

Jorge P.


What is Josh’s Top 5

Josh’s Top 5 is the only research service in the world that specifically uses artificial intelligence to predict the direction of stocks seven days in advance.
Members have access to our Five Trading Secrets video series, the Options Masterclass and Weekly Review Videos.
Additionally, members get two Watchlist Alert Trackers — one for stocks and one for options — along with Weekly Alerts with written descriptions for the trades.
Josh monitors his Watchlist and throughout the week will send at least one entry alert for one of those stocks.
For each trade we identify, Josh provides links to the daily and hourly TradingView charts with our 7-day stock predictor overlaid to show you how Josh determines the predicted targets and stops.

With The Josh’s Top 5 You'll Have Access To...

  • New Trade Recommendation per Week $1997
  • Weekly Watchlist With My Five Top Stocks $997
  • Weekly Watchlist Videos $956
  • Strategy Exit Alerts $1569
  • Regular Trade Updates $997