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Destination Trader

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Destination Trader Reviews

In 3 days I’ve made $9046.47 in Net Profit. I’ve paid for several other programs before joining Josh and hands down his Destination and Tunnel Trader is the best I’ve ever used. His products delivers almost immediate results, very user friendly but most importantly he is sincere and adds so much value with all the information Josh himself provides…

James K.


What is Destination Trader

Destination Trader looks for patterns on futures charts that you can use to forward-project what the market may do next.
It covers all five steps of our trading strategy, which include exercising proper risk management, finding direction, and finding the best entries, stops and limits for each market.
The Destination Trader indicator, included with the service, uses 120 minutes of market movement and finds the high price and the low price, takes the close of that timeframe, runs a formula and forward-projects what the market may do next.
It then stamps that inside of your TradingView or NinjaTrader chart automatically so that you can act on the idea.
With NinjaTrader, you can even direct the automated strategy to place the trades for you, which can be great for busy traders.
If you are looking for a strategy that has the potential to change your life regardless of your trading experience, look no further than Destination Trader.

With The Destination Trader You'll Have Access To...

  • Online Education Portal $1997
  • Live Class Demonstration $1497
  • Recording of LIVE Class Demonstration $1200
  • Destination Trader Indicator in TradingView or NinjaTrader $1999
  • Destination Self-Directed Auto Strategy in NinjaTrader $2700