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The Top Stock to Buy as Markets Plunge

The stock market will have its ups and downs on any given day. But what you need to focus on are companies that are in such vital need that their stocks can and will perform for you regardless of the market.

And inside Top 5, we have been doing this through bull and bear markets with the average return on our hit stock trades at 7.56% for a total gain for hit trades running at 415.81%. 

For the stock option alternatives presented for many of the stocks inside Top 5 – the average gain for hit trades is running at 42.71%.

So, for weekly hit stock trades and stock option alternatives, these returns add up and can compound to amount to four-figure returns over the year.

Now, today, we’re focused precisely on a company that is in vital need throughout the US.

Vital Company, Vital Stock

Businesses and consumers need stuff to be there every single day and week. And getting it to companies that depend upon just in time for production or for consumers that need stuff on store shelves depends on one primary industry: Trucking.

Trucking is the lifeblood of the economy, whether in hyper-growth or normal conditions. On any freeway around the nation, you’ll see trucks hauling everything that we all need. And in town, trucks are always moving and delivering that stuff through the last mile to get it to us.

It doesn’t matter if the S&P 500 Index is down for a day or so, it matters that the stuff of our lives and the economy gets delivered every single day.

This shows up in the rapid soaring of cost and payments that are being made to truck goods to businesses and consumers around the US.

General Freight Long Distance Truckload Pricing — Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) & Bloomberg

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks US trucking costs and payments, and from April 2020 through the most current reported month, the payments have been soaring by 28.88%. 

This trounces overall wholesale and consumer inflation and demonstrates the vital importance of the US trucking industry.

Nothing matters without stuff getting transported and delivered in the US economy. And this is setting up the market-beating must have stock for this week.

This must have stock to focus on this week is JB Hunt Transport Services (JBHT).

Trucking the Profits

JB Hunt Transport Services is a leading trucking company operating throughout the US. Little moves around the US without getting loaded, transported and delivered via JB Hunt’s vehicles and through its logistics system. 

It is used by all sorts of companies from other transportation and logistics companies to a myriad of businesses and industries.

JB Hunt Transport Services Quarterly Revenue Growth — Source: Bloomberg

The company had a brief drop-off in the second quarter of last year but since has roared back down the road with surging revenue expansion. 

The latest quarter had a gain of 35.55%, and this follows the average quarterly gains in revenue by 42.77% on a compound annual growth rate basis (CAGR).

This is the kind of mega-growth that delivers returns for shareholders.

JB Hunt Transport Services Price — Source: Bloomberg

JB Hunt Transport Services has returned 114.06% since March 2020 to now, outpacing the general stock market including for the S&P 500 Index in the process.

Doubling and then some might seem like a trade that’s been done – but it’s not. The stock is still cheap as it is valued at a mere 1.60 times its trailing revenue on a price to sales basis. And that is at a massive discount to the price to sales ratio of the S&P 500 Index that’s currently running at 2.99 times.

So, you’re getting a must have company in the vital industry with soaring sales, a stock that is firmly rising and rising big – and is still a bargain in the stock market.

That’s a top stock for this week, and it’s what you’ll continue to get from us inside each week’s picks from Top 5.

The Trade to Make Today

The trade to make for JB Hunt Transport Services is to buy the shares at market, as it’s crossed our buy price. Then, hold it for the target price of $175.91. 

From the current price of $167.12, it represents a potential cash gain on the shares of 5.26%.

This is a great opportunity for a quick gain right now, as JB Hunt Transport Services is a top stock to buy right now in Josh’s Top 5.

Keep on trading,

Josh Martinez

Editor, Josh’s Top 5

P.S. This is a great pick, but it’s still only one out of my Top 5. To find out about the rest of the trades I’m recommending, complete with specific entry and exit points, you need to click here and join me on the Top 5 journey…