Sal B.

Disciplined, Sincere and Honest trader
Joshua "Josh" Martinez has introduced me into the "Futures Trading" world and I am very thankful that he has. I had zero prior experience with futures trading, although I have been trading stocks for the last 30 years, winning some trades, but mostly losing. I purchased the Tunnel Trading Program and my goal was to earn enough money in futures trading to "pay off" what I invested in the Tunnel Trading program. Well, within 5 days, and me being a little apprehensive in trading futures, I won futures trades and paid for my program, and then some. I later learned about the Destination Trader Program and I purchased that as well. Same objective...make enough money to pay for the cost of the Destination Trader Program so I didn't feel like a dummy. Well, it only took a couple of trades within one day, and I paid for the Destination Trader Program. Josh is very disciplined and a sincere and honest trader/analyst. He is an outstanding instructor! I have been in his programs for a few months now and I have earned about $20K (USD) + in actual $$ profit