Aaron McNaughton

Stay the course, trust the system
I am experienced but never traded Futures prior to this and never used Ninja Trader platform before - I have had to learn 2 new things - the great Tunnel Trade strategy and also how to automate it on Ninjatrader and I also trade non automated too. So I had a big drink of water ...BUT the online training from prior bootcamps, etc. coupled with the white glove installation and timely and professional personal service has made all the difference! Yes I did my part diligently learning (and I am not the sharpest knife in the box) but the knitting of two things new had been so very helpful in just 2 phone/ video sessions - without question and shaving spent many years and money in other learning and trading platforms these people stand alone in my experience. You will learn this and make money for the effort - It is so encouraging that when I get stuck that I have an advocate for my success on the other end. I have been greatly blessed to fins these folks and so will you. Stay the course, trust the system, get help when you need it, work the plan. These are uncommon people in the best sense. Good trading to you.