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$10,000 in earnings

Heath S.

Huge thank you to Josh and his team for showing how to manage risk and make significant profits….repeatedly! Building for long term wealth!

$5,000 in earnings

Marcos P.

In 4 days I was able to make $5,185 using Tunnel Trading, Destination Trading and The futures Edge. Plain and simple, it is exactly as I was told. You don’t win every trade, you win more than what you loose. But the most important is not only that the tools work, it is that ALL THE TOOLS IN COMBINATION give you a multiplying effect, a synergic advantage. When you use all the tools pointing on the same direction they give you a good idea of the entry point and the exit point and they help you to make objective decisions with a pretty good probability of success. Don’t look at it as an expense or just a training, this is an investment in your future!

$1,000 in earnings

Chris S.

Anyone can do this. Joining The Futures Edge and attending every session on Monday – Wednesday is invaluable. You are learning from an expert in Josh with years of experience live in a trading room. That’s unheard of. And what is even better it is taught in simple terms. I am from Australia but I get up early (Sydney time) to attend most sessions. I am also awake during the night/morning trading. My results are showing that it is all worth the sacrifice. I have just joined the $1,000 club and will soon enter the $2,500 club and then push hard to the $5,000 club. Lets get it going!!
$2,500 in earnings

Rafat Q.

TT and DT has been my best investment in my Futures Trading journey. Racket up $2500 in 2 weeks with mini-contracts. Thank you Traders Agency (TA). Your approach to Futures trading is spot-on, education methods are effective, and product that deliver. Kudos to Josh, Richard and rest of the TA team.