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 No Investment Advice

This is an advertisement for online information courses, workshops, classes, and other educational programs relating to finance and investing. Traders Agency LLC intends that the information contained in this advertisement is truthful and not misleading in any way, as required by Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) regulations. Accordingly, all readers of this advertisement (this means you) are fully informed that none of the information, material, or courses that Traders Agency, LLC offers to constitute investment advice as defined by Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) regulations and by federal law. All content, materials, and information found in any product or service that we offer and that you have access to or consume must be understood by you to be for educational and general informational purposes only and not investment advice.

Under U.S. law and under SEC regulations, any advice regarding the purchase or sale of any security(or other financial instrument or system) and other matters regarding investing, must be given by and received from a registered/licensed industry representative, including but not limited to, a licensed/registered investment advisor. Traders Agency, LLC is not a licensed/registered investment advisor and it cannot and will not give you an investment or other advice as defined by SEC regulations.

Traders Agency, LLC and its affiliates are not licensed/registered to provide, and do not offer, investment or financial advice.

All information provided is impersonal (which means among other things, not tailored to you).  Traders Agency, LLC does not provide individualized advice or recommendations to anyone, including you.Traders Agency, LLC is not registered as an investment adviser with the SEC and is not licensed to provide individualized advice or recommendations about investing in any form. Investment advisers are required to register with the SEC and obtain proper licensing before providing individual investment advice. None of the content, materials, and information provided by Traders Agency, LLC takes an individual subscriber’s (this means you) particular investment objectives, financial situations or needs into account.  Traders Agency, LLC’s content, materials, and information is not intended, and cannot be understood by you, as a recommendation, offer, or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or as constituting any investment strategy or advice. Pursuant to FTC requirements that advertising is truthful and not misleading, Traders Agency, LLC fully informs its subscribers (this means you) that it is not an investment adviser and does not offer investment or financial advice to any person.

Because each individual’s situation is unique (this means you), you must, and Traders Agency, LLC expects that you will, consult a licensed/registered and qualified investment professional before making any financial or investment decision. Under SEC regulation and federal law, qualified investment professionals must be licensed and registered with the SEC. Traders Agency, LLC is not a registered/licensed investment adviser and does not provide investment advice. For this reason, you and you alone are ultimately and solely responsible for confirming the utility, accuracy, appropriateness, and applicability (among others)of all content, materials, and information that Traders Agency, LLC provides.  Moreover, you and you alone are ultimately responsible for seeking out the advice of your licensed/registered and qualified tax, finance, and legal advisor before you ever decide to invest — if you fail to seek this advice, you can forever lose some or all of your investment!

Traders Agency, LLC is not an accredited educational institution. Your participation in, or completion of, any course or other educational program does not confer any academic credit. Nothing in the subscription or services offered by Traders Agency, LLC enrolls its subscribers in any educational institution or in any course offered by any such institution. Any reader of this advertisement (this means you) understands that Traders Agency, LLC has fully, completely, and truthfully disclosed the fact that Traders Agency, LLC cannot confer academic credit for the completion of any courses or educational programs that it provides.

Investing Involves Substantial Risk. Results Are Not Guaranteed.

Traders Agency, LLC does not make any guarantee or promise as to any results that may be obtained through the use of its services or products. While past performance may be analyzed, past performance cannot be considered by anyone (this includes you) to be indicative of future performance.A security’s or a firm’s past investment performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance. Pursuant to FTC regulations requiring truthful, complete disclosures, you are warned to not make any investment decision without first consulting with your own personal SEC-registered/licensed financial advisor and conducting your own research and due diligence.

While Traders Agency, LLC works hard to ensure that the content, materials, and information we provide is up to date, we cannot and do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Additionally, unintended errors and misprints may occur. Traders Agency, LLC makes this disclosure to its subscribers (this means you) in order to ensure that its advertisements are truthful, not misleading, and fully compliant with applicable FTC regulations. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Traders Agency, LLC disclaims any and all liability in the event any information, commentary, analysis, opinion, or recommendation proves to be inaccurate, incomplete, unreliable or results in you having any kind of investment or other losses.

Any commentary, analysis, opinions, recommendations, or other statements herein represent the personal and subjective views of Traders Agency, LLC, and our affiliates and are subject to change at any time without notice. The content, materials, and information provided by Traders Agency, LLC is obtained from sources that Traders Agency, LLC believes to be reliable. However, Traders Agency, LLC does not independently verify or investigate all such information, and therefore you must and with your registered/licensed financial advisor conduct your own verification and investigation of content, materials, and information provided by Traders Agency, LLC. Neither Traders Agency, LLC nor any of its affiliates guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such content, materials or information. Traders Agency, LLC reaffirms that any and all information is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Traders Agency, LLC is not licensed or registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. Any commentary, analysis, opinions, recommendations, or other statements are not investment advice and subscribers (this means you) cannot consider the information provided to be investment advice, as defined by SEC regulations and federal law.

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.