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Find Your Way Through Troubled Markets

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Stock, bond, futures contracts and digital currencies… These are all troubled markets for most of this year. 

Even as we are just barely past the first quarter, it seems for most traders that we’ve already experienced a full year’s worth of trading.

But what will help to make your trading less laborious is to be able to recognize market trading patterns that will enable you to trade more profitably even in what to others might appear to be highly troubled markets.


Last year, we made our big calls for the leading stock indexes. We hit our target prices for the S&P 500 Index as well as for other indexes including the Nasdaq 100 Index. 

This year, it has been mostly about being on the sidelines with few exceptions such as for the brief opportunities for the Nasdaq 100 Index.

But it all comes down to identifying the right trading patterns in indexes before you enter a trade, either long or short. And in a moment, I’ll be sharing my tutorial on these patterns.

Digital Currencies

Digital currencies are now quickly becoming assets with enough data to allow trading pattern recognition. 

And this has allowed us to make calls for the leaders of this market in BTC and ETH, which recently hit our target price levels for great gains this year. 

To see how we identify our trading patterns to empower trades in these assets via the futures contract market, keep reading.

Alternative Assets

Alternative assets, including US crude oil (CL) and gold (GC), have also provided some great trading opportunities through last year and into this year. 

Crude oil has traded up to our target price level, and gold continues to provide opportunities for near-term trading. 

And to make the right calls on these markets, you need to know how we identify the trading patterns to trust…

Trading Tutorial: Recognize Market Trading Patterns

The following is one of our classic tutorials that will provide you with the right tools to identify trading patterns for nearly all asset markets.

How to Recognize Market Patterns

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And if you know someone who’d love to make this a part of their daily trading routine, send them over to joshsdailydirection.com to get signed up!

Keep On Trading,

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