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Anthony Speciale Jr.

About Anthony

Anthony Speciale Jr. was born and raised into a blue collar family in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey.

Anthony in recent years put down the wrenches he’s been turning for the better part of his life and has become a professional market analyst.

As life evolved for Anthony, so did his desire for freedom. It was never much about the money for him, but it was about the freedom that accompanied that success. Over a decade ago, he decided to specialize in just one sector of the market.

He knew that he only needed to be proficient at just one area of the market to achieve the goals he had set forth and that skill could be applied to all aspects of the market.

His goal was to trade passively while producing massively. And, that’s exactly what he did. After several years of failed attempts, endless education, trial and error, he had finally yielded himself the success and freedom he was desiring.

Anthony proudly works with the Traders Agency team fulfilling his life’s passion of sharing his knowledge, experiences and trade ideas with all of its students.

Anthony Speciale Jr.