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Joshua Martinez

Founder of Traders Agency

In 2009, I began my career as a trader. I was only 21 at the time and had already gone down two career paths – one as a personal trainer and two as an EMT/firefighter. I was busting my butt working 10-15 hour days, and yet was barely getting by. My passion has always been to help people and while this was well intended, it didn’t pay the bills.

I began working for my father at his trading education company. He took me under his wing and personally mentored me, showing me the rules of the Forex market. Within a few months, it all started to click and I saw the potential of trading as a full-time career. As my trading confidence grew, so did my trading account.I began upping my positions, applying new strategies to the market, and recognizing different market patterns. I became the company’s top Forex instructor and spent hours each day training other traders. I loved this job, but working for someone else did have it limitations.

In late 2018, I made the courageous decision to break out and co-found a new company with a really great group of traders and industry experts.

In 2019, I started trading Futures and have found great success. Due to their lower barriers to enter a trade, I’ve found this market to make more financial sense for me as a trader. In addition, Traders Agency has also partnered with NOFT-Traders, expert leaders in the Futures market.

At Traders Agency, our goal is to focus on helping students become profitable as soon as possible, assisting them in their own journey towards financial freedom. We want to find the best experts and traders in every financial market and make them accessible to you.

Excited for what the future holds with Traders Agency and how we can help traders like you!